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Mentorship and discipleship are vital, yet sometimes difficult processes. But all that is needed to create a true community is dedication and following the four steps.

This guidebook provides insight on effective discipleship. It outlines four steps that mentors can use to help those they mentor navigate their spiritual journey and grow in their faith: establishing trust, providing support and guidance, encouraging meaningful conversations, and challenging mentees to think critically about theological topics.

From this book, readers will gain:

-A better understanding of how to mentor effectively

-Insights into creating an atmosphere of grace and respect

-Knowledge on how to challenge mentees to think critically about theological topics

-Wisdom and knowledge for spiritual journey navigation

-The tools needed to live lives of faithfulness

-Discover new perspectives from meaningful conversations

-A better understanding on establishing trust and providing support and guidance.  ​

With this approach, mentors can be better equipped to equip mentees with the tools they need to live lives of faithfulness. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to provide effective discipleship and make a lasting impact in the lives of those they mentor.

A Word From The Author

I am excited to present The Call of Discipleship, a book that is dedicated to helping followers of Jesus Christ become mature and faithful disciples. Each of us has a unique call to serve in God’s kingdom, and this book seeks to equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to effectively mentor others.

Throughout this book, we will explore the four steps to effective discipleship – Pray, Listen and Ask Questions, Offer Support and Encouragement, and Use Scripture as a Guide. We want you to be thoroughly equipped with knowledge on God’s call of discipleship so that you are able to mentor others effectively.

Our hope is that through this book you will feel empowered in your faith journey and be inspired by the stories of those who have gone before us. We pray that this book blesses you with knowledge on discipleship and helps you become faithful mentors who strive to help others come know God more deeply. Thank you for joining us on the journey!


Amazon Book Review:

Kenneth Welles
Great guide in discipleship of young Christian
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The author provides a great guide to those that are mentoring believers who have come to know Christ as their personal Savior. It takes you step by steps through it offering Scriptures that will help you be a good example and mentor to your brothers and sisters in Christ. Easy to read and follow.
Karnim Judah Soram
A great addition to your book selection
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This guidebook was written with clarity in a Biblical sense for easy consumption, including a layman such as myself. If you are looking for something deemed more than armchair reading, look no further. An insightful read for sure. Kudos Surleigh!
Arnold R. Marcus
The technique of discipling people for Jesus
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I like the process or the technique of discipling. What I find very important is the mentoring of young believers in their spiritual growth. A young believer needs to be mentored or coached in order to grow in his or her spiritual walk. To do that the method established in the book can be used as a guide.
Shanger William
Nurturing Faith: An Effective Guideline
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The delivery is easy to read and concise, packed into a step-by-step approach. The book offers a combination of exhortation, gentleness, self-restraint, and temperance in its guidelines, all of which are required of a mentor. A prudent approach to developing and nurturing one's spiritual growth with the appropriate reference to the Scriptures.
Frank Alokoa
Excellent! I found it very interesting & Helpful!
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It helps me to realize why I have two ears and one mouth; to listen more and digest it before speaking my mind and jump right into conclusion. Thank you Tamulel Surleigh, awesome book!
Robert Roby
Scripture-based, clear and easy to follow guide
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This is a great read! I highly recommend this for those who are looking into discipleship or mentoring someone, or just anyone in general wanting to develop a deeper understanding of their faith. This book breaks down how to effectively disciple/mentor someone in 4 steps. It is not overly convoluted, but instead easy to follow. The best part, all steps are backed by scriptures from the Bible. Great book to add to your own collection or even to be gifted to someone else.
Clear and concise
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This is a great step by step guide that is practical and simplifies what may seem like a daunting task of mentoring believers into spiritual maturity. Definitely a good read, and insightful. All the steps are clearly outlined and easy to reference for later use.
Discipleship / mentoring, not as daunting as I thought
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It was clear and precise!! The steps mentioned are clear and easy to understand and it’s written in a way that makes one look forward to mentoring or have discipleship with someone. Thank you !!!
Jack Gibson
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Exceptional read! This book is very reader friendly and well detailed. It utilizes verses in the Scripture as references that does connect to everyday living This treatise not only diving into the four steps to effective discipleship tho, the detail explanations the author utilizes are indisputable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING THIS BOOK!
Isobel Kinsang
Doctrinal-based guidelines and straightforward
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This is an exceptional read! Very intuitive, short but insightful, and very reader friendly. I highly recommend this book for anyone to read, but especially for those who are doing mentorship and discipleship. This book was written with clarity in a theological sense that is simple and easy to grasp. This book would be a great addition to your collection, and a great gift for others as well.

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